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Women’s Hair Loss Solutions

Whether it’s the result of a medical treatment like chemotherapy or another physical cause, hair loss for women can be incredibly demoralizing.

At Concept One, we strive to ensure your comfort throughout the hair restoration process by performing all treatments in our Private Comfortable Salon Studio. Additionally, we offer a number of effective hair loss solutions designed specifically for the needs of female clients including:

Permanent System

With the Permanent Process, hair is custom designed and attached for the most natural performance. The process requires 4 to 8 weeks from the time of the consultation to completion, and requires some monthly maintenance.

Hair Integration System

Designed to add volume and fullness as needed, hair integration is ideal for reviving thinning, baby fine, or damaged hair.

Daily Wear Process

Clients requesting our Daily Wear Process receive high-quality, personalized hairpieces that look natural and can be worn throughout the day. We also provide custom processing treatments to achieve the hair color, thickness, and wave type you desire.

At Concept One, we also supply high-quality synthetic and human hair wigs as well as custom fitting and styling services. Our goal is to work with every client to create the hairstyle that looks and feels natural.

Call to schedule your free hair analysis at Concept One and see if hair restoration is right for you.