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Men's Hair Loss Solutions

If you or someone you love has suffered from hair loss, then you know how distressing the experience can be.

In the past, men seeking hair restoration had to choose between surgical treatments and TV-advertised hair systems.  Fortunately, Concept One Hair offers a number of effective and diverse treatments for men suffering from hair loss. Here are just a few of the many hair restoration treatments we are proud to offer clients in our Framingham Studio:


With Permagraft, clients can achieve a naturally contoured hairline beginning with irregularly spaced hair that increases in density as the hair progresses. Additionally, hair possesses a natural flow and bounce and multiple directional movements for unlimited styling options.

Non-Surgical Grafts 

At Concept One, we are pleased to offer a method of grafting hair onto your scalp without surgery. Containing 100% human hair, our non-surgical grafts are melded directly to the scalp without invasive techniques and feel just like natural hair. Additionally, non-surgical grafts can accommodate all degrees of hair loss to reconstruct your desired hairline.

Daily Wear

With the Daily Wear hair restoration option, we will design a high-quality hairpiece specifically for you. Wear your natural-looking hair all day and remove prior to showering or going to bed.

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At Concept One, we offer multiple membership levels to meet your budgetary and hair restoration needs.

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